Born directly to his grandfather, skipping intermediate intervention and thus brilliantly avoiding his mother, who was no end of trouble, Paulichon Même Ledur hurried everything. Thrice married, he never divorced, it was a waste of time, he said. A great architect, he left us blueprints for smart, unliveable buildings, of a life span so brief that after the last finishing touches, the foundations sink, crumble and it's back to square one. He was also a much appreciated contributor to the Encyclopaedia, despite never having time to write anything whatsoever; his expertise in buildings and other mechanical fantasies was unequalled. He perished in a car accident, early as always, dead even before the fatal blow from the vehicle. He waited for it for a few seconds, (this first wait was also his last), and, no longer able to restrain himself, felt what was about to happen to him, and made the first move. He died without even having thought of completing his Great Work "The paradigm of years in E in the Gérard in Pourniac en Valoche calendar", of which nothing remains, not even a mention in his works.