When Cibuline Aristophanes laughed, she produced a woody material in her trachea. Thus it was that gradually, over the years, part of her chest solidified, causing considerable breathing difficulties. She compensated for this by locking herself in unlit rooms, repeatedly watching the same dark dramas by Ariston Arrigolain such as "Guduc the Fearsome and Ugly", or "Women have Breasts too", or even the so-called "bread" trilogy, including Arithmetic Junior or the Flames of Hell shine for You Alone, The Ashtray’s Dreams make the World Burn, and finally the masterpiece of dark automatic cinema Roses of Withering Tights. After these particularly funereal sessions, Cibuline would feel a little relief in her gut, until a fresh laughing fit grabbed her, leaving her a little stiffer. Such was the state of ligneous solidification when she died that no coffin was needed.