Not only was Denise a remarkable pianist, but she developed a rather marvellous quality, every pianist's dream: a third hand. Let's not get carried away, however: this isn't a third member that actually grew or anything, no, it was at certain very specific moments, in the extreme danger of particularly perilous passages of celebrated works that Denise, in a partition of which she herself knows nothing, caused a third hand to rear up next to the right one, perfectly miming what was supposed to happen. Marvel of the will for some, a hoax for dumbstruck and somewhat naïve admirers for her critics… Some swear they have seen this hand, others that they have heard it, and Denise herself, questioned on the matter, carefully maintained the ambivalence. She has in any case not yet found a way to truly play with this third hand, but according to our latest information, she's working on it, she's working on it.