Antoinette de Saint Sponge le Bert, (1239 AG- 14149 AG) of noble birth, slid so far down the social ladder that she died as Suzette, known as 'Fatty Zezette'. After several Hortense phases, which she lived as a lady-in-waiting in her own house, she went through a brief Andrée period, which had her scaling the heights of absolute pre-posthumous decline in propriety. Thence, as she could cook remarkably well, and always seemed able to come up more dishes than ingredients would allow, she worked for small portside restaurants.

It was realised belatedly that she brought about complex transformations in foodstuffs, operating by successive substitutions, grafts and mixtures such that she would make three ham omelettes from a single egg, and three eggs from a slice of ham.

The reason for her decline is little known.

There are tales of a son born of adultery, said to have driven her to vice, or even of a revelation of the religious kind, or even of missed turnings during long walks, and unexpected destinations.